‘I am walking my kangaroo’: Whippet performs bizarre hopping routine when he sees friend

A whippet named Alfie has an unusual habit of walking on his back legs whenever he’s excited.

And his bizarre walk is so unusual it’s even seen him compared to a kangaroo.

The ‘whippet walk’ is performed without fail every time he goes to visit his good friend to eat treats together.

His owner, Lorean Love, from Washington, USA, says two-year-old Alfie is such a character, he will walk on two legs and hop like a kangaroo wherever he goes.

Lorean said: “I don’t know if Alfie realises he is a dog. It’s like he thinks that is the way it’s done. It does make me laugh and shake my head.

“I always tell people on our walks, when Alfie is walking like this, that I am walking my kangaroo.”

Alfie can’t contain his happiness when making a visit to see his friend Max, which is where he was going when Lorean caught this two-legged walk on video.

The dog duo like to chew bully sticks together and Alfie will carry his treat in his mouth until he’s sitting with Max.

In the footage viewers see Alfie start on all fours, but moments later he’s up on his hind legs, bully stick in mouth and he begins walking with a spring in his step.

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It’s almost like the pull of the lead gives him his momentum, but he’s choosing to walk this way.

Lorean posted the hilarious moment in a whippet appreciation group on Facebook.

One Facebook user commented: “Oh my, just how excited is he to get there… So endearing.”

Alfie (right) in the car with his greyhound brother Bart
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Another said: “This is the best. I just got my husband to come and watch it.”

Someone said: “I actually laughed out loud” while another added: “The way he actually walks on his back legs is so funny.”

But Alfie didn’t always have the exciting and freeing life he has now.

He was found on the streets of Korea and taken to an animal shelter before being transferred to Greyhound Pets in Washington, USA, where Lorean adopted him.

He was only six months old at the time, but now Alfie is expressing himself and enjoying the little things in life with Lorean and his friend Max.