“My mum pretends to be dead as a joke and I don’t think it’s funny anymore”

As you get older you may not find certain jokes as funny as you did as a kid – it’s a classic sign of growing up.

However it seems one teenager has been unhappy with her mother’s long-running joke and for good reason.

The teen took to the popular Reddit thread ‘AITA’ which stands for “am I the a** hole?” to tell the internet about the gag she thinks ‘isn’t funny anymore’.

The 16-year-old explained: “So this is going to be weird. One of my earliest memories is a four-year-old me crying over my mother’s (47) (seemingly) dead body until she jump scared me.

“I started crying and she consoled me. Ever since then at least once or twice a month she has done this.

“I didn’t figure it out until I was like nine or 10 and even after I played along minus the crying and on seeing me not crying I saw her giving me (what I now know as) wary glances.”

After returning home from school one day, she shouted her mother’s name and didn’t receive a response.

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She continued: “I then went to check on her and saw her in the same position when she pretended to be dead.

“I knew nothing bad had happened on seeing her breathing and stealing glances at me thinking I didn’t know.

“I just closed the bedroom door and went to the kitchen to grab some food.”

Confused by her daughter’s response, a few minutes later her mother came downstairs to ask if she was okay.

The Reddit user explained: “I said yes. She then asked me why I didn’t check on her. I just replied with ‘I think I’m too old for this game now’ in a humorous tone.

“She didn’t seem to see the humour though because next thing I know she is shouting at me, calling me ungrateful and selfish.

“She then started crying and said that I didn’t care about her anymore and would be glad if she passed away.”

In a dramatic conclusion, the woman’s mother locked herself in her room and only came out for food.

She continued: “She has been there since, except for the few disappointed/angry glances my way when she came out to get food. Her eyes were red.”

After the argument, the woman began to feel guilty for making her mother cry, and asked the internet for their thoughts.

She concluded: “My mother is a single mum, dad never bothered to be a part of my life.

“She has done everything she could for me to have a comfortable lifestyle and I honestly feel rubbish for making her cry.

“Maybe I should have been more gentle with my approach to the situation or played along. I don’t know but on the other hand I was exhausted and was honestly sick of the game. AITA?”

The thread received over 600 comments from angry internet users, who weren’t happy at all with the mother’s reaction.

She was crowned “NTA” in this situation, which stands for “not the a** hole”, with many Reddit users shocked at her mother’s behaviour.

One user said: “NTA – what your mother is doing is emotional abuse. Period.

“This is not a Halloween trick, this is trying to make your child believe you have died so you can bask in their grief. She is mentally disturbed and somehow is feeding off this emotion.”

Another added: “NTA this is a pretty manipulative and traumatic prank to repeatedly play on a child.

“Please don’t take her reaction too seriously, there will be many more like this as you become your own person. She needs therapy.”