Interesting post-script from Sunday’s Trace Armstrong report: He represents Matt Nagy

On Sunday, Jason La Canfora reported that former NFL player and current agent Trace Armstrong recently spoke to the Bears about possibly taking over the team’s football operations. (Armstrong denied it.) The report implied that the move would be part of a series of changes that would result in a new coach, and that Ohio State coach Ryan Day would “the candidate to watch” for the job.

There’s a P.S. on this story. A fairly important one. Trace Armstrong, who spent six season with the Bears as a player, represents current coach Matt Nagy.

In 2019, Armstrong said this to Larry Mayer of regarding Nagy’s first year as a head coach: “It’s so exciting getting a chance to see Matt be Matt Nagy the head coach and see the things that he’s talked about and dreamed about doing when he had his own opportunity. For him to now being doing those things, it’s great. The fact that I’ve got some tie to the organization beyond that made it really fun. . . . He’s got such a great sense of people and treating them well. You can see as he goes around here in the building, he [impacts] lots of people in lots of ways, which is a really good mark of a leader.”

It doesn’t sound as if Armstrong’s first order of business would be to fire Nagy. And it’s hard to imagine Armstrong wanting the job if Nagy’s firing would be a precursor to hiring Armstrong.