Woman hits back at trolls after choosing a ‘boys’ name for her daughter

A woman has hit back at trolls who slated her for choosing a ‘boys’ name for her daughter – as she insisted that she was happy with her choice and it suited the youngster.

TikTok star Camille Munday, @camille_munday, said she liked the name Lennon, and although it was a little unconventional she planned to give her baby daughter the moniker.

But soon people flocked to the post and trolls said that Lennon was a boys name, adding that it would be cruel for the new mum to name her daughter that.

Now Camille has hit back at those trolls, as she posted a video where she blew a kiss and patted it on Lennon’s bottom as she sang “kiss my a** goodbye”.

In a previous video, Camille revealed that she planned to name her daughter Lennon Camille Munday, and soon the young mum was inundated with comments.

One said: “I’m confused. Lennon, is that a girls name? I have always thought that was a boys name.”

While a second wrote: “You’re giving her a boys name – the world’s gone mad, I don’t think she will thank you for it.”

But on the most recent video, the tone of the comments changed, and most people praised the name – saying that they thought it was ‘beautiful’.

One said: “It’s an adorable name any bad vibes can get off her page.”

And another added: “I only know girls with that name. I love it.”

“I love her name and she is an absolute doll,” wrote a third user.