Hair expert shows how to wash your hair in winter to keep it in good condition

Washing your hair is a skill we all feel like we have already mastered – but one hair expert claims we should be doing it differently in winter.

TikTok account @golabbeauty used a model to demonstrate how we should be washing our hair while it’s cold outside – and the video racked up millions of views.

in it, they explained: “How I wash my hair in the winter to keep it soft and healthy.”

Firstly, ensure your hair is completely soaked before adding any product, to ensure it is absorbed quickly.

Then, the woman conditions her hair – but only from the mid-point to the ends, so it doesn’t weigh her hair down.

It also protects her hair from drying out from the shampoo.

Then, she emulsifies her shampoo by rubbing it in her hands before applying it to her scalp – which ensures that any shampoo that gets on her ends slides off thanks to the conditioner.

She explains that she only washes her ends if it’s clear that leftover product has built up in her hair.

Finally, she conditions her locks once again – but this time leaves it on for three minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.

The video went viral – with many viewers thanking her for her advice.

One person joked: “Lost me at cold water.”

Another said: “I do the bottom half conditioner and top half shampoo routine too!”

A third added: “I started doing this and I swear my hair is less dry. I used to put shampoo on every inch.”